Fast Track Objective Arithmetic Pdf [Latest Edition]

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In the starting of the Pdf, you will see the essential lines. Students, there is plenty of books available in the books market on Objective Arithmetic which seems to be complete in their way but the real fact that they are still incapable of satisfying the competitors fully.

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Fast Track Objective Arithmetic Pdf

Many students left behind in the competitive exams only because of lack of knowledge about Mathematics. They are using in the appropriate way of short tricks that is the biggest problem faced by many aspirants. But after reading this book, you can solve a number of questions in just seconds. You will get all the topics that you want to cover for boosting your score in the exams.

Fast Track Objective Arithmetic Pdf Content


Students can learn the use of fundamental formulae and method in a systematic way. All the methods are presented in the way that an aspirant will never get confused in any Arithmetic problems. Fast Track Objective Arithmetic Pdf is specially prepared for the students who always want to learn some new methods to solve problems.

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Some Information Related To The Pdf
Book Name Fast Track Objective Arithmetic
Author Name Rajesh Verma
No. of Pages 1727
Size 32 MB
Language English


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Contents Of Fast Track Objective Arithmetic

This book is prepared by many experts while keeping the mindset of an aspirant. The teachers who made this PDF clarified that they are also aware of the stress on competitive exam aspirations. 


  • 1. Number System: Numerals • Face Value and Place Value of the Digits in a Number • Types of Numbers • Operations on Numbers • Divisibility Tests Unit’s Place of an Expression• Basic Number Theory
  • 2. Number Series: Types of Series • Types of Questions Asked on Number Series
  • 3. HCF and LCM: Factors and Multiples • Least Common Multiple (LCM)« Highest Common Factor(HCF) • Method to Calculate LCM and HCF of Fractions • Fast Track Techniques to Solve the Questions • Method to Solve Questions Based on Bells
  • 4. Simple and Decimal Fractions Simple Fraction • Decimal Fraction • Operations on Simple Fractions • Operations on Decimal Fractions • Comparison of Simple Fractions • Fast Track Formulae to Solve die Questions
  • 5. Square Root and Cube Root Square • Square Root • Properties of Squares and Square Roots • Fast Track Formulae to Solve the Questions • Fast Track Techniques to Solve the Questions •Cube• Cube Root • Properties of Cube and Cube Roots
  • 6. Indices and Surds Indices • Surds • Properties of surds • Operations on Surds • Fast Track Techniques to Solve the Questions
  • 7. Simplification VBODMAS Rule • Basic Formulae
  • 8. Approximation Basic Rules to Solve the Problems by Approximation
  • 9. Word Problems Based on Numbers Types of Word Problems Based on Numbers
  • 10. Average • Properties of Average • Important Formulae Related to Average of Numbers •Fast Track Techniques to Solve the Questions • Average Speed
  • 11. Percentage • Formulae to Calculate Percentage • Fast Track Techniques to Solve theQuestions
  • 12. Profit and Loss Basic Formulae Related to Profit and Loss • Fast Track Techniques to Solve die Questions
  • 13. Discount Marked Price • Basic Formulae Related to Discount • Successive Discount • Fast Track Techniques to Solve die Questions
  • 14. Simple Interest Simple Interest (SI) • Instalments • Fast Track Techniques to Solve die Questions
  • 15. Compound Interest : In this Chapter Basic Formulae Related Compound Interest are explained amazingly • Installments Problems are Discussed with Examples• Fast Track Book Methods to Solve die Questions
  • 16. True Discount and Banker’s Discount True Discount • Fast Track Formulae to Solve die Questions • Banker’s Discount
  • 17. Ratio and Proportion Ratio • Comparison of Ratios • Proportion • Fast Track Techniques to Solve die Questions
  • 18. Mixture or Alligation Mixture • Rule of Mixture or Allegation • Fast Track Techniques to Solve die Questions
  • 19. Partnership: Types of Partnership • Types of Partners • Fast Track Techniques to Solve the Questions
  • 20. Unitary Method: Direct Proportion  of• Indirect Proportion
  • 21. Problem Based on Ages: Important Rules for Problem Based on Ages • Fast Track Techniques to Solve the Questions
  • 22. Work and Time Basic Rules Related to Work and Time • Fast Track Techniques to Solve the Questions
  • 23. Work and Wages: Important Points • Fast Track Formulae to Solve die Questions
  • 24. Pipes and Cisterns: Important Points related to Pipes an • Fast Track Techniques to Solve the Questions
  • 25. Speed, Time and Distance: Basic Formulae Related to Speed, Time and Distance • Fast Track Techniques to Solve the Questions
  • 26. Problems Based on Trains: Basic Rules Related to Problems Based on Trains • Fast Track Techniques to Understand the Questions
  • 27. Boats and Streams: Basic Formulae Related to Boats and Streams • Fast Track Techniques to Solve die Questions
  • 28. Races and Games of Skill: Important Terms • Some Facts about Race • Fast Track Techniques to Solve die Questions
  • 29. Clock and Calendar Clock • Important Points Related to Clock • Fast Track Techniques to Solve die Questions• Calendar • Ordinary Year • Leap Year • Odd Days
  • 30. Linear Equations Linear Equations in One, Two and Three Variables • Methods of Solving Linear Equations• Consistency of the System of Linear Equations
  • 31. Quadratic Equations Important Points Related to Quadratic Equations • Methods of Solving Quadratic Equations • Fast Track Formulae to Solve die Questions
  • 32. Permutations and Combinations Permutation • Cases of Permutation • Combination • Cases of Combination • Factorial •Fundamental Principles of Counting • Fast Track Formulae to Solve die Questions
  • 33. Probability Terms Related to Probability • Event • Rules/Theorems Related to Probability. • Types of Questions
  • 34. Area and Perimeter Area • Perimeter • Triangle • Properties of Triangle • Quadrilateral • Regular Polygon •Circle • Fast Track Techniques to Solve the Questions
  • 35. Volume and Surface Area Volume • Surface Area • Cube • Cuboid • Cylinder • Cone • Sphere • Prism • Pyramid •Fast Track Techniques to Solve the Questions
  • 36. Geometry Point • Line • Angle • Triangle • Congruency of Triangles • Similarity of Triangles •Quadrilateral • Polygons • Circle
  • 37. Coordinate Geometry Rectangular Coordinate Axes • Quadrants • Distance Formula • Basic Points Related to straight Lines
  • 38. Trigonometry Measurement of Angles • Relation between Radian and Degrees • Trigonometric Ratios •Trigonometric Identities • Sign of Trigonometric Functions • Trigonometric Ratios of combined Angles
  • 39. Height and Distance Line of Sight • Horizontal Line • Angle of Elevation Angle of Depression
  • 40. Data Table: This is the score boosting topic and explained very clearly.
  • 41. Pie Chart
  • 42. Bar Chart: There are many unique ways discussed in the book about the types of bar chart.
  • 43. Line Graph: In this chapter, you will learn about the types of line graphs with many solved examples.
  • 44. Mixed Graph
  • 45. Data Sufficiency

So, friends, these are the 45 chapters which you have to read and understand the concepts. After completing all the chapters, you get fast track practice sets to increase your skills to solve equations efficiently.

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